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Always keep a sufficient amount of money with you
As you know this is not your hometown, going outside with little or no money can be very risky. While in your hometown, if you get into any problem due to money shortage you can instantly call your family or friends to bring you money to your location, or even better, you can ask any shopkeeper nearby whom you know to lend you some money. But, this is a completely new place for you. It is very unsafe to ask a stranger to lend you money. Also, as you are new here, you cannot rely on your friends from college for help all the time. Learn to be smart and independent.

Refer to students who have studied from the same country
If you know of someone who went to the same place to study where you are going, consult them for all your queries about the place. Make a list of all the questions you want to ask them. Make sure you cover all your potential concerns from basic like how transport system works there to even more important issues like where would you find an affordable yet safe place to live, which places should you never visit and which places to visit at all costs to make your stay fun and memorable. It is highly possible, if they are considerate enough, that they will refer you a reliable family or group of students to live with as a paying guest with much discounted rates or ask a friend which they might have made there during their stay to look after you. This will make you feel relaxed and protected when you go there. If possible, keep in touch with these past students throughout your stay.

Find out the nearest hospital and police station to your residence
In a new place, mishaps can take place anywhere and can of any nature. Instead of being dependent on others to notice that you are in a trouble, you should be able to reach out for help yourself. For this purpose, the very next thing you should be doing after settling down is to find out the nearest hospitals and police stations to you. Not only the ones closest to your residence but also to places where you visit often like a café, a restaurant or a university.

Don’t bear bullying or harassment silently
As soon as someone bullies or harasses you, be it a senior or a class fellow or a roommate or even a teacher, report to the college administrator immediately. Why? Because it’s your right which you are ought to avail to its fullest as the management of universities are ordered to specially take care of foreign students and make them feel welcomed and safe.

Get well acquainted with foreign currency
Yes, this one is very important. Anyone can dodge you with the currency abroad no matter how smart you act. So, you should learn about the currency beforehand so that you cannot be fooled by anyone.

Deal smartly with money
Keep a small bag with you in which you will place the money and keep this bag in front of you all the time rather than hanging it on the side. Moreover, keep credit cards and money at different places to make sure if you get robbed by any chance, you are safe with at least something left with you. Also, as this is foreign and you can need money on urgent basis for any case, spend money wisely managing to save enough amount. Don’t reveal the cash you are carrying to anyone while you are making payments in a shop or market.

Do not get noticed by thieves
How do you get noticed by thieves? When you look confused and new to a place. For this purpose, wear confidence on your face always. Also, keep a small map with you all the time or use google map so that you won’t need to ask anyone else for directions. If by any chance, you still need guidance, ask a family or an old person for help.

Stay with a family
Prefer living with a family as a paying guest rather than living in a hostel or with random individuals sharing an apartment.

Taking lift
If you need to take a lift, take it from a car with family in it. Moreover, never let the person giving you lift know where you exactly live. Get off the car a little far from your destination.

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