In this report, I’ll take you in an in-depth look at anything I see as the most important trends in digital marketing for the year forward. But, it’s not just my view, as I have ‘crowdsourced’ the importance of the various trends rated by the reputation of each trend.

To support the decision on which trend to choose, we opened upon the quick labels assists you to scope the response more accurately. For example, ‘Big Data’ is a vague term, but when we extended the definition to include predictive analytics and insight, it determines the value of the particular marketing techniques for Big Data and this aide explains why this is in position number two. Here is the complete listing of digital marketing latest trends:

1.Content marketing Communities (Vertical communities or Branded niche)
2.Big Data (including predictive analytics and customer and market insight)
3.Marketing Automation (incl web personalization, behavioral Email Marketing and CRM)
4.Mobile marketing (Site development, apps and Mobile advertising)
5.Social media marketing including Social Customer Care and Social CRM.

The Top 5 marketing trends in 2017?

Let’s now dig down into the essential tactics and marketing technology in each of these trends which is important in 2017.

1. Content marketing trends

Content marketing we focus a lot on how to build an integrated content marketing plan through advice in our content marketing toolkit.

Our research shows that numerous businesses are now adopting a strategic approach (40%), so this is a trend we can anticipated to see continuing in 2017. We can also assume that there will be extra focus on Measuring Content Marketing ROI as the competition and cost within content marketing increases.

2. Big Data
As explained in our question, Big Data marketing uses include customer and market insight and predictive analytics.

The 3Vs of Big Data present why this is an important trend chosen by many, who must experience the increase in real-time data, volume and data formats in their market and want to utilize the value to increase sales by personalisation on websites and by email marketing for predictive analytics – a point we have accounted many times on our blog. It’s too closely attached into machine learning where Big Data is mined to recognize propensity to change given different customer behaviour and characteristics.

3. Marketing Automation (incl web personalization, behavioral Email Marketing and CRM)

Like Content marketing, Marketing Automation has been very important. Many companies still have the chance for upgrading their automation as our investigation shows.
To ease with this information gap, The most basic questions at the point are ‘how do we get to the next level’ and ‘where do we start’. These topics are answered in marketing automation toolkit and Email marketing which includes a complimentary interactive capability analysis to score your use of email marketing automation. As businesses grow up the learning curve I assume more businesses to be placing lead scoring in place or refining it and acquiring the best places on the course to feature content by predictive analytics.

4. Mobile marketing (Site development, apps and Mobile advertising)

As more businesses have chosen email templates and mobile responsive web design they have seen a limited need to focus on it, or at-least there are less opportunities for growth.

However, research explains that retail conversion rates remain significantly low on smartphone, so there is job to be done for many companies to optimise conversion on mobile, although people will likely forever stay lower than desktop.

Mobile also holds a large influence on search marketing as Google quickly follows its mobile-first mantra. To me, it’s a moderately misleading mantra, since the truth is that many web users are still using laptop, desktop and tablet devices and there is a risk with mobile responsive layouts that change on higher resolution screens may fail if mobile optimised. Rather, leading companies are seeming at adaptive mobile design strategies which have the advantage of serving more contextual, relevant content and CTAs for users and decreasing load times.

5. Social media marketing including Social Customer Care and Social CRM.

When I meet marketers at training and events I notice there is still large interest in social media, all to its reach and possibilities to engage audiences and promote advocacy or ‘social media amplification’ to deliver it the full treatment.

Our social media research statistics survey shows continued increase in social media practice overall, but with decreased demand for some social networks in some countries. For sample Facebook and Twitter are in decline or plateauing in many western countries while Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat are still rising in usage.

Trends in social media marketing are usually controlled by the works of the social networks to monetise and this has noticed Instagram and Facebook, in appropriate make adjustments such that businesses now require to ‘pay to play’ to get the range needed to have an impact. They have advanced to innovate in their remarketing and targeting options.

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