Today, the world is highly digitized. Everything one needs from grocery to movie tickets to buying property or filing taxes; everything is online. Similarly, getting in touch with people has become a lot easier, thanks to the millions of networking sites that have come up.

There is a gamut of them waiting online to be accessed. These range from customer networking to professional networking; keeping in touch with other business, to seeking new talent or even investors. Some of the most popular and credible networking website for business are as follows:


Social Networking


Twitter (

It is the most active customer engagement base at the current moment. Twitter is the new means by which the customers voice their opinions and seek information about the companies. A lot of trainers, coaches, and bloggers are connecting on Twitter. It’s the next best thing to Facebook. It is the sacred platform where each company puts up its information and finds new means to engage its audience. It is essential for the sustenance and growth of any business, as it helps in monitoring customer sentiments towards your brand.


LinkedIn (

It is the ultimate resource for professional networking in India and also across the world. More than 40 million professionals use this professional networking site for exchanging ideas, information and opportunities. This is used not just for job seeking, but also to inform the industry about your achievements and share your ideas. It is a means which helps connect likeminded people on a venture that they might want to start in an association with each other. This is one avenue which every working professional should explore. Check out how to create a LinkedIn profile


This professional networking site in India is a people-powered intelligence platform and is of great help to all those who want to connect with the other business professionals. You can stay updated on your specific interests via this portal. This website helps you share and manage knowledge. Helps you get more information about your interest areas and know who else is interested on similar topics. You can connect with these likeminded people and start a new project in collaboration with each other. It facilitates connectivity among people.



Facebook (

Another great medium to stay in touch with your customers is facebook. Though now excessively used, facebook still is the ideal way of getting in touch with a large consumer base. Almost everyone across the globe is on facebook. Facebook released data stating there were 1.49 billion active users on Facebook just last month, which would make it the third largest country in the world, if it were a country that is!

It provides a very target specified selection of message delivery which helps in cost reduction. It is also a platform to release information and gather customer opinion/perspective about your brand. You can track your competitors on this platform and keep yourself updated about the latest customer trends as well.


Plaxo (

It is the one stop destination for professionals. One of the leading professional networking sites in India, it lets you stay in touch with others and connect yourself with business networks worldwide. It is a portal which manages your contacts and helps you organize them. It also syncs your calendar and helps you stay on top of your schedule.



There are so many social networks coming up every day. Now is the decade of social media. One of the biggest mistakes people make is to try to focus on too many social platforms. That doesn’t work. Focus on the most important and the ones relevant to your business.




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